George Boswell


George Boswell


Awarded Trackman Master Status
Fellow of British Professional Golfers Association
The Golfing Machine (GSEB)


Coaching Philosophy – “Your aspirations are your possibilities”

George Boswell is a leading golf Coach who coaches some of Scotland’s best players. As a coach George enjoys helping golfers of all abilities, from beginner golfers to European Tour Players.

During the last few years some of the players George coaches have achieved the following under
his tutelage :

  • 2019 European Number 1 – Euan Walker
  • 2019 African Amateur Champion – Euan Walker
  • 2017 Scottish Ladies Champion – Connie Jaffrey
  • 2016 Scottish Under 16’s Champion – Jamie Stewart
  • 2015 Scottish Amateur Champion – Robert MacIntyre (now on European Tour)

Coaching Highlights

George has shadowed, observed and been mentored by some of the Worlds best coaches including Pete Cowan, David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, Adam Hunter and Michael Hebron (Voted U.S. Teacher Of The Year).

George has his own Trackman System, and has been awarded the title of Trackman Master by the Trackman company after completing their certification program.

George has completed all of Dr Kwon’s Biomechanics Certifications (World renowned Bio-mechanist), and can now offer a full body Biomechanics screening/ development plan and bio-feedback with his state of the art 3D biomechanics system.

Regardless of a players level, George aims to help each individual unlock their potential using modern coaching practice and the most up to date coaching technology during each session, including: