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Golf In The Society

Golf in Society

Golf in the Community is our way of engaging various social care projects by using golf as the vehicle to improve both the physical and social health of our golf in the community participants.  We have engaged various local stakeholders including East Renfrewshire Active Schools program, Alzheimer’s Scotland, local care homes, GP’s and the council own sports and leisure trust who all provide referrals into the program.

We run specialised Golf In Dementia session on a Tuesday morning, providing a safe and enjoyable space for dementia suffers to play some golf, have a chat with our golf volunteers and share stories of their golfing past with new friends.  We have a team of volunteers from within the Golf Club that help out during the sessions, as well as trained golf activators who run the project.

To get involved in our golf in the community project, or for more information please call Maggie MacKay on 07739578152 or