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Medal Review

Saturday Medal Tee-time Ballots: 2021

To take account of increased demand for Saturday Medals (in particular, Championship Qualifiers) and to avoid delays, the following arrangements have been agreed between the Committee and Academy Management Team for 2021 and involves adjustments to balloted Tee-times for Saturday Medals:-

Reserved Tees for Saturday Medals from 7.00am to 8.44am (1st Ballot), then continuing from 10.44am to 12.28pm (2nd Ballot) and 14.28 to 15.00pm – on a demand basis. Timings for 2nd Ballot to be kept under review.

  • Members wishing to compete in Saturday Medals, must enter their name on the 1st or 2nd Ballot Sheets (restricted to 42 or 12 members respectively), on a ‘first come/first served basis’ – by close of play on the Tuesday, prior to Saturday Medals.
  • MCGC Management Team to complete the draw on the Wednesday, and allocate tee times to BRS prior to Saturday Medals and post a Time Sheet on the Notice Board and Website (Master Scoreboard), showing the order of play.
  • Members must inform Reception if they are unable to accept their allocated time, no later than 5.00pm on the Friday prior to Saturday Medals.
  • Failure of members to attend the Saturday Medal for the time allocated, or failure to register at Reception, before their allocated time will result in the member being banned for the next Saturday Medal and any further breaches may lead to a ban for all future Saturday Medals.
  • To avoid unnecessary delays in Saturday Medals, members must also be at the 1st Tee, at least 5 minutes before their Tee-off time.
  • Members without a Tee-off time may also attend speculatively on a Saturday Medal, to register at Reception for a cancelled time. Cancelled times will be offered by Reception, taking account of members placing on the Waiting List and their availability.
  • MCGC Management Team to provide a Starter for each Saturday Medal from 7.00am to 10.00am

These arrangements will be reviewed continuously and feedback from members is welcomed – to Reception or Committee members directly.