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Mearns Castle Golf Academy – Toptracer Winter League 

Weekly challenges ( Monday – Sunday)

NEW LEAGUE STARTING 5th of February 8 weeks

A different Toptracer challenge every week, over a 8 week period. Each challenge will be completely different, utilising all of the different game modes on the bays. The format has been designed to ensure you work on every aspect of your game over the winter months, and challenge you to practice and improve over the winter.

Your golf handicap is included to allow golfers of all abilities to compete on a even playing field.

We have weekly prizes up for grabs as well and the league prizes.

The event is completely Free to enter

Weekly Prize;
1st – £50 range card

Scoring for each challenge for the league;
1st – 5pt
2nd- 4pt
3rd – 3pt
4th – 2pt
5th – 1pt

League runs 5th of February – 31st of March( 8 weeks)

Challenges will be detailed on the Toptracer App in the events section.  All players MUST register on the app week to enter.   App will display a live leaderboard for all competitors.

League winner ( range card)
1st – £100
2nd – £50
3rd -10th £25 each
Term and Conditions:
  1. The weekly challenge will be emailed over to all participants on Monday morning, and you will have until 8pm Sunday to take part
  2. ALL players must register on the range events section of the Toptracer App, in order for your score to be recorded on the live leader board.
  3. All players MUST use the Toptracer App to sync their bays to their account before their session starts for all scores to be recorded on the app
  4. You can have UNLIMITED attempts at each challenge during the week
  5. Each challenge will have a different handicap allowance based on your level of golf, this will be detailed as part of the weekly email, and updated to your score at the end of the week BY THE ACADEMY
  6. The Academy’s decision on scores/winners and prizes will be final
  7. There is no requirement to play every week, but the more you play, the better your chance of winning