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FREE Online Golf Lesson

By June 8, 2022December 23rd, 2023No Comments


Online golf lessons DO NOT WORK!

Although the appeal of getting some free advice is attractive, with golf it simply does not work.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has the person giving the online lesson ever seen you swing a golf club?
  • Do they know anything about your range of motion and physical capabilities?
  • Do they know what level of golfer you are?
  • Do they know what you are looking to achieve from your lesson?

These are the KEY fundamentals when you are looking to improve your game of golf and golf swing.  Our team of experienced PGA coaches will go over all of this with you on your first lesson to ensure that you get the right lesson and the right result.  All lessons are bespoke to the individual.  We use video technology to allow you to see your swing and body position which will  allow you to better understand the dynamics of the swing.  All lessons take place in private studios allowing you to see the actual ball flight and results first hand.

So rather than a FREE golf lesson, how about we give you a FREE golf consultation, to see how we can help your game.  Simply fill in the form below and one of our team will give you a call to discuss how we can REALLY make a difference to your game!